Spanish aid worker repatriated from Mali at risk of Ebola discharged

Entrada del Hospital Carlos IIII

(Madrid, December 11th 2014).- ​The aid worker, a healthcare professional, had suffered an accident with biological material while attending an Ebola patient. Since this was a high-risk contact, the aid worker was repatriated to Spain and taken into the La Paz-Carlos III hospital complex on a preventative basis so that, in the event of presenting symptoms, care could be administered on an urgent basis without any risk to the population. Over the course of the last three weeks, the aid worker has not presented any symptoms of the disease, and is now considered to be out of danger.

There is currently no other high-risk contact of a patient for Ebola under observation in our country. The World Health Organization declared Spain to be an “Ebola-free country” on 2 December.