Situation of cases in Spain

Entrada del Hospital Carlos IIII

The risk of the spread of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Spain is currently very low.

Since the start of the outbreak in West Africa, three cases of the Ebola virus disease have been treated in Spain.

The first two cases treated in our country arose overseas: two missionaries were repatriated to provide them with healthcare treatment after contracting the disease in Liberia and Sierra Leone respectively.

The first case was evacuated by air and arrived in Madrid on 7 August. He was immediately taken to the La Paz-Carlos III Hospital Complex where he died on 12 August.

The second case was also evacuated by air and arrived in Madrid on 22 September, where he died on 25 September.

The third case was the first and only case of secondary transmission of EVD in Spain. The infection was confirmed on 6 October. The person affected was a healthcare worker who had treated the second case of repatriation. She remained in isolation at the La Paz-Carlos III Hospital Complex during her treatment. On 21 October, the second negative result was obtained from the laboratory and hence it was considered that the patient was cured of the disease. She was discharged on 5 November.

15 contacts considered to be high-risk contacts of this patient were put under controlled surveillance at the La Paz-Carlos III Hospital Complex. They were all discharged after complying with the surveillance period and without having presented symptoms. On 21 November, there are currently 33 low-risk contacts and 8 people who carried out cleaning tasks at the home of the patient who are still under surveillance.

On 2 December, the date on which 42 days will have passed since the date of the second negative result for this case and without any new cases being detected, Spain will be declared free of the Ebola virus disease.