Video: Appearance by Doctor Fernando Simón on 20 November 2014, at 9:15 pm

Dr. Fernando Simón announces the evacuation of one person from Bamako (Mali).

DR. FERNANDO SIMÓN: This press briefing has been called to report on a point we have just discussed in the Ebola Management Committee in relation to a high-risk contact of an aid worker who was involved in an incident when treating a patient. This has been classified as a high-risk contact and hence the specific protocols will be applied, leading to active monitoring. The plan establishes that when faced with a high risk contact, it should be proposed to transfer said contact to their place of origin as quickly as possible, as in the first 48 hours it is not possible to develop symptoms of the disease and hence there is no risk of transmission. This is what will be done with this aid worker who will probably be brought to Spain tomorrow morning to start the monitoring process for a period of 21 days. This aid worker will receive a similar isolation protocol to that received by those contacts of the nursing assistant and, if there is any possibility to provide some form of prophylactic treatment, all possibilities will be assessed in the swiftest manner possible. At any event, this is not an at-risk person, who is not ill, is not transmitting the disease nor represents absolutely any risk to anyone and hence, the same will be done as with the contacts of the nursing assistant, comprising preventive quarantine so that, in the event of starting to show symptoms, this can be dealt with as soon as possible.