Training workshops organised by the National School of Health

Imagen de un instructor con un alumno

Information from Thursday, 16 October 2014

Besides the training courses being taught in the various autonomous regions, the Special Committee on Ebola Management has taken the decision to strengthen the level of training being given to all biohealth professionals in Spain.

Several cases of secondary Ebola virus infection in healthcare professionals have led to recommendations to strengthen prevention training. The National School of Health, a centre managed under the Instituto de Salud Carlos III [Carlos III Health Institute], has begun to offer training workshops on how to provide healthcare services when treating this disease. This six-hour training module offers information to professionals on theoretical aspects of the Ebola virus and on how to use the corresponding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 18 instructors from the Military Health Brigade of the Spanish Army are training small groups of students so they can individually practise strategies and skills aimed at ensuring the highest possible levels of safety.

These strategies include knowledge on the various pieces of equipment, the sequential application thereof, checking the proper use of PPE in pairs and the safe removal of all items.

The National School of Health plans to launch another module shortly on trainer training. These courses will last for 30 hours and will be aimed at offering training to monitors in those autonomous regions wishing to receive it and at the further development of training to combat this disease for other groups of professionals.