The Special Committee on Ebola Management

Imagen de la primera reunión del Comité Especial del Ébola Primera reunión del Comité Especial (Pool Moncloa)
  1. What is it and what are its objectives?

The Special Committee for the Management in Spain of the Ebola Virus Disease was set up by the Government of Spain on 10 October.

The objectives of the Special Committee are:

  1. To constantly monitor the health of infected people and those at risk of infection
  2. To coordinate mobilisation of the necessary resources to enable healthcare professionals to do their job with the necessary backing from the public authorities
  3. To foster inter-institutional and international cooperation
  4. To establish informative policy protocols to ensure maximum transparency for Spanish society and information professionals
  5. To analyse both current planning and all European and international actions related to controlling the Ebola virus disease
  6. Together with the Special Committee, the Government of Spain has set up a Scientific Committee of experts whose mission is to help the government take decisions.
  1. Who are the members?

The Scientific Committee on Ebola Virus Disease is made up of:

  • Antoni Andreu, Director of the Carlos III Health Institute
  • José Ramón Arribas, Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at the La Paz-Carlos III Hospital Complex
  • Rafael Delgado, Head of the Microbiology Service of the 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid
  • José Manuel Echevarría, Head of CNMV Virology at the Carlos III Health Institute
  • Luis Enjuanes, Research Professor at the National Scientific Research Council
  • Yolanda Fuentes Rodríguez, Deputy Medical Director of the La Paz-Carlos III Hospital Complex
  • Pedro Galdós Anuncibay, Head of the Intensive Medicine Service at Puerta de Hierro Hospital
  • Fernando Rodríguez Artalejo, Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Fernando Simón Soria, Director of the Alerts Centre at the Ministry of Health

As required on a temporary or permanent basis, other experts may join the committee to provide complementary specific knowledge.

The Special Committee for the Management in Spain of the Ebola Virus Disease will be chaired by the Vice-President of the Government and Minister for the Presidency, together with the following members:

  • The Minister for Health, Social Services and Equality, as well as those members of her team that she may appoint at any given time based on existing health circumstances
  • A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, who will coordinate relations and efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Health Services with the World Health Organization, the European Union and all other international organisations
  • A representative from each one of the following ministerial departments: Defence, Home Affairs, the Presidency, Justice, and Economic Affairs and Competition. The State Secretary for Research, Development and Innovation will represent the latter ministerial department
  • A representative from the Office of the President of the Government
  • Representatives from the Health Council of the Regional Government of Madrid and the Information Services of the Regional Government of Madrid
  • The Chairman of the Scientific Committee on Ebola Virus Disease
  • A representative from the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid, and the La Paz University Hospital

The Government of Spain may add additional representatives from the various public authorities as and when deemed necessary.